WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

WCSU Reopening

To the WCSU community,

My thanks to all of you for a successful return to campus!

The great majority of students, faculty and staff has done everything possible to create a campus environment that is as safe as possible. Our campus vaccination rates are now posted on the COVID-19 Dashboard and I am happy to report that the overall campus immunization rate is at 85% (this includes students, faculty, and staff). I anticipate that this number will continue to rise as members of our community complete their vaccination process in the next few weeks.

Although important protective measures remain, the difficult work you all did has resulted in a return to “near-normal,” which I hope will progress toward further reduction in masking, testing and the fear of infection. I remind you that we expect students who are not fully vaccinated to upload their weekly test results to the Medicat portal by Thursday each week. (Faculty and staff can learn more about testing requirements on the testing for COVID page.) We are now focused on managing infection rates, which so far are very low.

As Covid-19 requirements evolve, we will update the FAQs and other information on this site to provide you with up-to-date guidance.

Again, thank you for your good work and best wishes for the rest of the semester.


Dr. John B. Clark




Vaccination Reporting

Reminder to students: You must submit evidence of your COVID-19 vaccination or a record of an approved exemption prior to returning to campus in August. Your official vaccination record must be uploaded to https://wcsu.medicatconnect.com/. For the many of you who have already submitted your records, thank you. You are all set to return this fall.

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