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WCSU Reopening

Updated: 9/9/20

I am pleased to announce that WCSU will reopen for students, faculty and staff next week.

Residential students will be able to move in Saturday and Sunday after they present evidence that they have taken a COVID-19 test and obtained a negative result.

Monday will mark the beginning of our regular class schedules, with a mix of online, in-person and hybrid courses.

I want to thank you all for working with us to achieve conditions that make on-campus life as safe as possible during this time of pandemic. I am sure we will continue to see challenges during the fall semester even as we slowly return to our new normal.

Please remember that faculty and staff are here to offer you support services. I am looking forward to you having a successful academic year.

Welcome back!


Dr. John B. Clark
WCSU President


Student Information

We look forward to working with you in the next semester even as change and unexpected challenges may continue.

As the academic year begins, your schedule is likely to include a mix of online and in-person classes, and some courses that will be a combination.

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Faculty & Staff Information

The fall semester will undoubtedly continue to be filled with new experiences and approaches. Thank you for your commitment to helping students learn even during a time of change and, potentially, some upheaval.

The administration has spent the spring and summer in preparation for the academic year, so that everyone on campus remains healthy and safe while we teach, work and learn. All procedures follow guidelines established by the state of Connecticut and the federal Centers for Disease Control.

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Health & Safety Guidelines

We have developed guidelines to help us all protect each other. You will see reminders on posters throughout the campuses with notes about safe practices, including maintaining a six-foot distance from others, and wearing a face covering inside and outside of buildings.

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