Honor Students of Compassion

The Honor Students of Compassion Club (HSOC) is the student honors group of the University’s Kathwari Honors Program. The group’s goals are to provide opportunities for academic and cultural growth, as well as personal performance, community service and social interaction. Frequent social gatherings are held to update members on happenings within the group and to plan activities.

Members of HSOC need not be members of the University Kathwari Honors Program. Members of HSOC may apply for admission to the Program, if they so choose. Students in the University Kathwari Honors Program may use being an officer or a member of the program as one of their “honors activities” requirements.


HSOC’s Executive Council Members for 2017-2018

Nicole Tabak, President

Victor Namer, Co-Vice President

Carlos Dos Santos, Co-Vice President

Erica Bower, Treasurer

Nathanial Walker, Secretary

Fairi Galicia-Roman, Chair of Publicity

Jessica Plouffe, Chair of Community Service




HSOC’s Previous Events

HSOC’s Team at WCSU’s Western Day of Service, Fall 2016










HSOC’s “Hon”ted House Event, Fall 2016


WCSU’s Student Leadership Recognition Banquet, Spring 2016













HSOC Family and Children Game Night, Fall 2015


HSOC’s Broadway Trip to Finding Neverland, Fall 2016


HSOC, formerly referred to as HSO’s first TedxWCSU, coordinated by Honors Alum, Kristina Otfinoski, Fall 2013












HSO’s Table at WCSU’s Street Fair, Fall 2014