Assessment Information

Department Outcome Assessment

The following guidelines are used by academic departments and their Chairs to implement Outcomes Assessment policy in compliance with NECHE standards.

Tier I: NECHE E-Series Grid (Overview)


Department; Division; Degree Program or Office

(1) Where are the learning outcomes published? Include URLs where appropriate. (2) Other than GPA, what evidence is used to determine that students have achieved the stated outcomes? (3) Who interprets the evidence? What is the process? (4) What changes have been made as a result of using the evidence? (5) Date of most recent program review

Social Work Department BA in Social Work Senior Integrative Seminar (SW 350) and Field Placement Evaluations (SW 320, 321) Department faculty meet as a group to review student performance in the field and capstone courses annually. Assignments have been changed to increase student contact with social work policy and research content. October 2013



Approved by the Assessment Committee on January 24, 2018.