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Psychology Department

Danbury Hospital

Danbury Hospital

Danbury and Norwalk, CT

Danbury Hospital provides an interdisciplinary care environment through which we support the training needs of a diverse workforce. We provide primary addiction care through our co-occurring treatment programs, including an intensive outpatient program. Our approach to addiction medicine is evidence-based, including the use of medication assisted treatment as indicated. We also provide brief screening and referral to treatment for addiction through our primary care sites which are enhanced by interdisciplinary and collaborative practice where primary care health providers collaborate with mental health specialists.

The Danbury community has a great need for enhancing the substance use workforce and Danbury Hospital is at the frontlines for both individuals seeking addiction related care and for individuals seeking primary healthcare services who present with risky or hazardous substance use. Given the great need for a trained addiction workforce in both the greater community and specifically within the Danbury Hospital system, we look forward to serving as an internship site for addiction trainees as coordinated through the M.S. in Addiction Studies program.