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Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism (MCCA)

Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism (MCCA)

Danbury and other locations

Midwestern Connecticut Council of Alcoholism (MCCA) is a full service Co-Occurring and Substance Use Disorder service provider with programs throughout Connecticut since 1972. Our mission is to provide help and instill hope to individuals, families and organizations working to overcome and prevent addictions and/or co-occurring, physical and mental health conditions.

MCCA has a long standing and strong partnership with WCSU, placing many of their students for practicum and internship experiences at our facilities. We are excited to continue this partnership and to offer student placement opportunities for the new Addiction Studies Program. We are committed to place students for 6 months or as needed to meet the program requirements. All placement opportunities will include onsite supervision through an MCCA Senior Clinician or through the MCCA Program Director.

Through their internship placement at MCCA, WCSU students will gain experience with integrated care throughout the healthcare spectrum. They will learn to work interdisciplinary, collaborating with different disciplines to assure all aspects of treatment are integrated into the care being provided. MCCA serves many different types of individuals that include the medically underserved, which helps to broaden the internship experience for students placed at our facilities. MCCA provides multiple levels of treatment that include individual, group and medication management with medication assisted treatment.