Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences: Examining Social, Political, and Economic Change in the 21st Century

Our Majors:

B.A. Anthropology/Sociology

B.A. Economics

B.A. Political Science

B.A. Social Sciences:  Global Studies

B.A. Social Sciences:  Social Justice & Policy

Disciplinary  Minors:




Political Science


Interdisciplinary Minors:

Conflict Resolution

Cultural Resource Management (archaeology & care for cultural artifacts)

International Studies

Multicultural Studies

African-American Studies

Urban Studies

Women’s Studies

Department Mission and Objectives:

The four social sciences degree programs at Western provide students with a holistic understanding and critical appreciation of the cultural, political, social and economic elements of society. The department curriculum presents a broad-based foundation in the social sciences while offering a rich and diverse range of degree programs and options.

  • Emphasize social research methodology and analytical skills.
  • Provide a personalized learning environment for students through faculty mentored undergraduate research opportunities and cooperative education research.
  • Prepare students for graduate education in the social sciences and allied fields.
  • Assist students in discerning appropriate careers through advising.
  • Foster the growth and development of faculty through research, attendance at professional meetings, developing and directing public forums and discipline-related training workshops, and publication and presentation of scholarly work.
  • A strong commitment to public service by collaborating with agencies and organizations, such as WCSU Jane Goodall Center, Housatonic Valley Association, ARZA-CIRI Internship Program, Connecticut State Archaeology Office, Connecticut Legislative Internship Program, and Institute for American Indian Studies, and with regional elementary, junior and senior high school educators to promote social sciences education.