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The Ancell Commons offers free, in-person and virtual tutoring to meet your needs.

As of Monday, Feb. 5th, we will be back home in the Westside Classroom Bldg, 4th floor!

Spring 2024: Open Monday through Thursday. Please see tutor schedule for actual tutoring hours and to make an appointment.

It is expensive and time consuming to retake a course so make an appointment now. Don't wait until it is too late. We can help!

Our tutors are students just like you and most of them have overcome obstacles in a course and learned from their experience.

100% of our students who have taken our survey would recommend us to a friend!

 Important Policies:
  • Students may schedule appointments with as little as 2 hours notice, as staffing allows.
  • Students may cancel appointments with as little as 1 hour notice.
  • Students may select up to 60 minutes of tutoring, 3 times per week.
  • Please note, that by entering a virtual tutoring appointment, WCSU students agree to be recorded for quality control purposes.

Elise Budnick, Coordinator
(203) 837-8567
budnicke@wcsu.educreate new email


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Click here for tutoring for business courses plus ECO 211 and 213, COM 161 and 163, and JLA 240, presentation coaching, a grad accounting and finance refresher, or our other services.


We are open for tutoring and back at
the Westside Classroom Bldg. 4th floor!

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