Presentation Coaching




The Ancell Commons offers Presentation Coaching to help students improve the quality and effectiveness of their presentations.  Presentations will be reviewed according to content, organization, delivery, and visual aids and our trained peer tutors will provide suggestions for you where they see opportunities for improvement.  Simply download the tools provided on this page to get an idea of the resources tutors use to give feedback.


Why should I come?

Presentations are an integral part of a career in business, and preparation is often a critical part of an effective presentation. Practice helps build confidence and polish your speech before the actual presenting day! Our staff will review your presentation based on a faculty accepted rubric and will offer suggestions as to how to improve. The results of practice and of taking advantage of free, qualified tutoring can allow students to produce stunning and strong presentations.

Group presentation for final exams?

From finding the best time or large enough space to meet, and then being sure to include well-worded transitions or the proper flow – we realize how difficult group presentations can be! Need to simply collect all of the PowerPoint pages together and practice parts? Presentation Coaching can help smooth these things out before it is too late. The center offers a very calm atmosphere where you can feel at ease to express your ideas and practice your presentation with your group and Peer Educator in one of our meeting rooms. Each meeting room is equipped with a large computer monitors, adjustable screens, and a white board for a collaborative environment.

Sample of Resources Used: 

Please download our checklist and comment sheet (below) to use on your own or make an appointment to work with one of our tutors. 


How does it work exactly?

To sign up for an appointment, visit, and follow instructions to create an appointment on the Ancell Commons schedule. 

Select the “Presentation Feedback” option from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and the different days will appear.

Choose a tutor and time which is best for you!

There are two ways to use Presentation Coaching and both require at least 24 hours' notice before your presentation.

1.    Schedule a tutoring appointment: Make an appointment to meet with a tutor from the Ancell Commons virtually.  Run through your presentation for them in one of our meeting rooms. The tutor will provide suggestions on how to improve your presentation.

2.   Pre-Record and Share Option: Record an Mp4 file of your presentation. Screen recording through ScreenCast O'Matic is one of our favorites. Then schedule an appointment with one of our tutors at day/time that works best for you, upload or attach the Mp4 file who will review it with you and offer suggestions.

*The Pre-Record and Share Option works best when you have a few weeks until giving the official presentation.