Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)


Welcome to the website for the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, a collaboration between CELT and the Technology and Instructional Design for Digital Learning (TIDDL).

We are a teaching university.  As such, we recognize that first among our myriad responsibilities is working with our students as teachers, advisors, and mentors.  The bitter irony is that in the face of a heavy teaching load, we struggle to carve out time to think about student engagement and innovation in our classrooms.  There are semesters when you may feel as I do, careening from task to task, that like Alice through the looking glass, we must run twice as fast just to keep in the same place. It has never been more important to nurture and support a community of educators.  That community is even more vital in an environment too often seems to undervalue education at a public regional university.

The redesigned website reflects a variety of strategies to foster community and to promote the work of faculty and staff. Our goal is to meet faculty where they are; to bring the conversation to you in your cars, in your offices, and on-line, as well as in more conventional face-to-face programs. Links to recordings of face-to-face programs, podcasts, training materials, and webinars are a central feature of the website.  Faculty and staff from across the university will be invited to contribute blog posts on topics of interested in pedagogy and innovation in the classroom.

We welcome comments, and suggestions for future CELT programs, blogposts, book or resource reviews, and podcasts.  And we look forward to vigorous and stimulating conversations.
Director, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching