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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences


Welcome to the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences at Western Connecticut State University.

Our school is home to thirteen departments, twenty-one undergraduate majors and five graduate majors, and offers a wide variety of interesting ways for students to create a unique combination of topics to further their intellectual endeavors.



Welcome Back, Faculty and Students!




Exciting Student News:

In celebration of National Mole Day (10/23), the Western Connecticut Section of the American Chemical Society hosted the 11th annual Chemistry Bowl at Western Connecticut State University.  Six students (Left to right – Jordan Polvere, Michael A. Kelly, Henry Vallee-Ayala, Hannah Sexton, Alejandro Garcia and Tim Meksvanh) from Western Connecticut State University beat the Sacred Heart University Team to defend their title and take home this years trophy, a mole stuffed animal that will be housed at WCSU until next years competition.  This marks the 4th year in a row that WCSU has won the competition. This is a chemistry trivia-style competition that covers topics from all disciplines.


History major Lauren Kerton will receive the NASPA Region 1’s “Catch a Rising Star” award on November 19th at the NASPA Conference in Providence, Rhode Island.  The award honors a student who has demonstrated “academic achievement, exceeded the  expectations of their respective leadership positions, and shown an interest in the field of student affairs.”





Ruth Quattro, a Communication Major with a minor in Community Health, and Erika Sabovik, a Contract Major, attended and presented alongside Dr. Jessica Eckstein at the National  Council on Family Relations (NCFR) in Fort Worth, Texas. Both students coauthored research papers with Dr. Eckstein and prepared posters to present at the NCFR conference.





Mayor Mark Boughton was the host of the COM 394 class, Saturday Night Live type production.  The half-hour sketch comedy show, with musical guest Lake Avenue Extension was broadcast to the 15 towns served by Spectrum TV on October 21 and Comcast in Danbury, Ridgefield, and Bethel on Oct. 21 and the 3 following Monday nights.




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The Spotlight: 

Dr. Maya Aloni is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at WCSU.  She earned her Ph.D. in Social-Personality Psychology from the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, and her bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and     Philosophy from the University of Toledo. Her research interests center on close romantic relationships and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. In the area of close relationships, she studies how people form impressions of and stereotype romantic partners with dietary restrictions. Her pedagogical research has focused on teaching strategies for improving the quality of discussions both within the classroom and in online discussion boards. In this podcast, she will be offering tips for improving online discussion boards based on her recently published literature review.

To listen to the podcast, please follow the link:


Dr.  Stephen “Mitch” Wagener participated in an interview with CELT, with their goal of celebrating and learning from some of WCSU’s dedicated teachers and scholars. Dr. Wagener’s advice to new teachers was “Find the way to relate to the issues of the world of today that will be of concern going forward. Teach ‘with your head in your heart.’” and to “Believe in the potential of your   students.” Dr. Wagener senses “this generation [millennials and GenZ], despite the criticism from us old folks, have more going for them than what we give them credit for.”

Interviewer and MFA student, John Bonanni, states, “The professor advocates the importance of delivering academic product to the public to enhance accurate comprehension of issues beyond partisan considerations.  Students furnished with useful knowledge become decision-making members of society, creating the embodiment of an informed public. This is the professor’s defining pedagogical mission. “

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Macricostas Lectures 2018-2019:

“Strangers and Foreigners in Ancient Greece”

“Privacy, Security, and Safety in a Social Media World”