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FAQs: Academic Integrity


Am I guaranteed a better grade on my assignment after coming to the Writing Center?

A better grade on an assignment is not guaranteed following one (or more) visits to the Writing Center. However, visiting the Writing Center is helpful in improving one’s writing ability, which can be correlated with an overall increase in ability, understanding, and grades.


Can I work on my take home test?

Writing Center tutors are not permitted to help writers with mid-term, take-home, or final exams without the permission of the instructor. The instructor must email the Writing Center Coordinator.


What is the Writing Center’s policy on plagiarism?

The Writing Center adheres to WCSU’s Academic Honesty Policy. We generally assume that the writing brought to us is the visiting writer’s original work. If there are concerns with how and when research is cited, tutors do point out these concerns and explain the necessity for correct and thorough citations.

Tutors do not report suspected plagiarism to anyone outside of the Writing Center. If a tutor feels that a paper is clearly not the work of the writer present for tutoring, and the writer resists reworking the potentially plagiarized elements of the assignment, that tutor may cancel the session at his or her sole discretion and discuss the matter with the Coordinator.


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