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Preparing for a Session


Do I have to have a draft?

You do not need to have a draft to come to the Writing Center. We work with writing at all stages of the writing process—from outlines to final drafts.


However, here  are a few things that might be helpful to bring to a session:

  • The instructor’s writing assignment or writing prompt
  • Any writing in progress (printed copy, flash drive, or laptop)
  • Questions and ideas
  • A syllabus, notes, previous drafts, and research.


My paper is due immediately after my session. Is that acceptable?

At the Writing Center, we want to give you time to make revisions and turn in your best possible work. We ask that you reserve at least one full hour following your appointment to work on your paper before it’s due.


Can I email you my assignment?

Your paper should not be emailed to the Writing Center beforehand; we will not work on it without you! We encourage you to be prepared when you come for your session, whether that means you show up with a hard copy or an electronic version of your paper; use a flash drive or email it to yourself.


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