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What kinds of tutors work in the Writing Center? What are their majors?

Our staff at the Writing Center comes from a wide variety of majors, backgrounds, and interests. Many of our tutors are master’s degree candidates in writing, and there are also a number of advanced undergraduate students, majoring in areas as diverse as history, justice and law administration, political science, and psychology.


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Can I choose my tutor?

We have a variety of tutors to choose from on any given day. You can choose to work with a tutor who you have worked well with before or who is familiar with your project. You can choose a new tutor if you want a new set of eyes on your paper. Feel free to choose what works best for you.


If I’m already friends with my tutor, can we work together?

We strive to have a friendly and professional dynamic. Working with a friend, while fun, can distract from the learning process.


Do you tutor writing in every subject?

Yes, our tutoring staff is trained to tutor writing in any subject taught at WCSU. However, writing center tutoring covers primarily the technical aspects of writing itself, independent of the subject matter (i.e. brainstorming, grammar, organization, and citations).


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