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What to Expect in a Session

What do we do in a session?

In a session, you and your tutor will work together on your assignment. You will go over the assignment requirements and address what you specifically want to work on. You and your tutor will read the paper aloud, use resources, and discuss ways to achieve your writing goals. Your tutor will also help you develop new writing techniques.

What do we not do in a session?

The goal of a session is to help you become a better writer. Therefore, we will not identify or correct every error in punctuation/grammar (but we will help you do this), write papers for writers, or edit papers for writers. We will also not guarantee or guess a student’s potential grade or criticize or second guess an instructor’s grade or comments.




How much time do I have in one session?

A session runs 45 minutes. We use the remaining time to recap the session, follow up with the professor (if requested), and prepare for the next writer.







Do I have to stay the entire time?

Sessions can end early if the tutor and student feel that all concerns have been addressed. If you have a class or other obligation that would require you to leave early, please let your tutor know so he or she can plan the session accordingly.


What if I just have a quick question?

If you have a very quick writing question, we are happy to work with you. Be aware that sometimes a quick question can evolve into a full session, and we try to avoid rushing the writing/learning process.


Can I have my paper edited?

The Writing Center does not focus on editing individual errors, but rather on large scale writing ideas. Visiting the Writing Center is an opportunity to learn and work with enthusiastic tutors, so that you can grow as writer.


Can I leave my paper here?

No, we require you to be present to work on your paper.


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