MS in Integrative Biological Diversity

Degree Requirements

The MS in Integrative Biological Diversity requires completion of a total of 30 credits in one of two options:

  • Option 1 (thesis): 21 credits of coursework, 3 credits of stewardship, 6 credits of thesis.
  • Option 2 (non-thesis): 27 credits of coursework, and 3 credits of stewardship.

Students must also:

  • take courses from a minimum of two CSUS campuses, and
  • present at a scientific conference
Required courses (9 semester hours)
Stewardship Seminar (1 SH)
Applied Stewardship (2 SH)
Climate Change (SCSU/BIO 559) (3 SH)
Technology Course (several options) (3 SH)
Elective course credit requirements (21 semester hours)
Thesis track electives (15 SH) plus Thesis research (6 SH)
        – OR – 
Non-Thesis track electives (21 SH)