MS in Integrated Biological Diversity

Teaching Assistant Fellows

The WCSU Biology Teaching Assistant Fellows (TAF) program provides an alternative instructional construct for undergraduate biology courses.  The program aims to provide graduate students enrolled in the MS in Integrative Biological Diversity program with opportunities to receive pedagogical and biological training and to build community within the department.  Each fellow will assist with instruction of BIO100 Concepts of Biology laboratory for non-majors, with guidance and support from the TAF program coordinator (a designated biology faculty member who is also the Instructor of Record for the course). Fellows will be expected to:

  • Attend pre-semester and weekly trainings.
  • Teach one or two sections of BIO100 Lab, closely following the curriculum set by the Instructor of Record, including, but not limited to, the syllabus, texts and materials, and other class activities.  
  • Contact the Instructor of Record well in advance concerning any absences or lateness due to emergencies, illness, and other extenuating circumstances, and explain the arrangements made to cover the class. 
  • Have at least two full classes visited by the Instructor of Record, who will evaluate the TAF’s teaching using the approved evaluation criteria and make recommendations to the Department Chair for renewal.  
  • Address comments/concerns raised by Instructor of Record after in-person class evaluations. 
  • Communicate promptly and clearly with students, the Lead Instructor, the Department Secretary, and the Department Chair. 
  • Provide feedback about TAF experience to Dept. Chairperson via the TAF Experience Evaluation Form.  

Each TAF will receive $2,400 per section of BIO100 lab taught (up to $4800 per semester), per the graduate assistant university guidelines. 

In addition to a stipend award, full-time graduate students (enrolled in nine credits or more per semester) have the following fees waived:

  • State University Fee
  • University General Fee except for that portion attributable to student accident insurance
  • Student Activity Fee

If you are interested in applying for the TAF program, complete the Graduate TAF Application and submit it to the Biology Graduate Program Chair, Dr. Pinou, at, no later than March 15 (for Fall fellowships) or October 15 (for Spring fellowships).