MS in Integrative Biological Diversity

Funding for Students

Students applying for the MS program may be eligible for assistantships or stipends or other funds to help support student graduate study.  There are currently three main mechanisms for receiving funding as a Biology graduate student: graduate assistantships, teaching fellowships, and sponsored projects.  Please note that interested applicants may apply for the MS degree without pursuing one of these specific funding opportunities.

WCSU Graduate Assistantships: 

Graduate Assistantships (GAs) are provided by the university for a limited number of students enrolled in the MS program in Biology.  For details and to apply, click here.

Biology Teaching Assistant Fellowships:

 The Biology Department’s Teaching Assistant Fellows (TAF) Program supports Biology graduate students who have an interest in teaching.  TAF students receive training in pedagogy and also assist with instruction of undergraduate students enrolled in biology courses for non-majors.  For details and to apply, click here.

Sponsored Projects: 

Student stipends may also be available from research grants acquired by individual faculty members and from other research collaborations and regional partnerships. Applicants are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to inquire about funded research opportunities.  For details and a list of current sponsored projects, click here.