MS in Integrative Biological Diversity

Thesis Guidelines & Associated Forms


📑Thesis Guidelines

A step by step guide to help scientists build a strong foundation for their future thesis proposal. 

Associated Forms:

📑Thesis Advisory Committee and Proposal Approval Form 

Form for required thesis proposal approval by the Thesis Advisory Commitee. Submit this form (PDF) as an attachment to the Director of the IBD Graduate Program.

📑BIO592: Thesis Credit Registration Form 

A maximum of 6 credits can be used for graduation.

📑Thesis Coversheet and Signature Routing Form

Completion form after thesis requirements are fulfilled, to be attached in front of thesis.

📑Thesis Defense Approval and Outcome Form 

Submit this form (PDF) as an attachment to the Director of the IBD Graduate Program

📑Copyright and Digital Access Form 

Form permitting University to publish your thesis with digital access.

📑Bio506 Applied Stewardship Declaration Form

All students considering enrolling in Bio506 Applied Stewardship must submit a completed form to the IBD Coordinator prior to enrolling. This class is an opportunity to take action on a project you have been developing or developed in stewardship seminar.

📑Research Grants for Graduate Students Guidelines for Applications 

The Reassigned Time Recovery Fund provides resources derived from external faculty research grants to promote and support quality research in the Department of Biology. Graduate students enrolled in the MS Integrative Biological Diversity Program at WCSU may apply for funding to support research activities.