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Consider Avoiding WebEx (or Zoom) to teach in real time – there are other options

Synchronous or Asynchronous classes? 

If you are thinking about holding your classes using real time (synchronous) online meeting tools, please reconsider this approach.

Go Asynchronous Instead

Asynchronous means that the content and activities will be available for students to access on their own schedule within time parameters / due dates that you set.  Instead of relying on real-time online meeting technology, design asynchronous weekly class activities and assignments


  • Real time online meeting tools (WebEx, Zoom, etc.) classes will NOT be like your face-to-face classes (particularly large classes)
    • Yes, it is real time, BUT there will be issues that will prevent quality interaction
  • Reduces the potential for real time technology issues
  • Provides more flexibility (and time for sorting out issues) for you and your students while everyone gets used to online teaching and learning
  • You and your students may have new schedules, commitments, or illnesses to contend with
  • Your students may not be able to connect to an online meeting for technical / hardware / bandwidth reasons

Asynchronous Learning Ideas

  • Record a lecture (using Kaltura in Blackboard)
  • Add audio to your PowerPoint slides
  • Use a Blackboard Discussion for asynchronous threaded discussion
  • Have students post a reflection or response paper as an Assignment

Learn how to use these tools, as well as best practices for online teaching and learning by enrolling in the Faculty: Remote Teaching Organization on Blackboard.

To access this organization

1.   Log into Blackboard – you may type in WCSU.EDU in the address bar in either Google Chrome or Edge

2.    Once on the home page – Click on Essentials on the bar along the top and select Blackboard (direct link:

3.    Once on the Blackboard sign in page – enter your username (usually lastname first initial) and password.  Click on Login.  You may get a message regarding ‘cookies’.  Click ok or accept.

4.    You are now in Blackboard

How to self-enroll to in the Faculty: Remote Teaching Organization  

1.    Once you’ve logged into Blackboard, along the top part of your Blackboard page you will see ‘WCSU’ and ‘WCSU Organizations’.  Click on the ‘WCSU Organizations’ tab.

2.    If this is the first time you are accessing this Organization, in the Organization Search box type Faculty: Remote Teaching (or the partial organization name, like remote) and click on ‘GO’

3.    Click on the down arrow (chevron) after the title Faculty: Remote Teaching and select ‘Enroll’

4.    Enter  Remote2020 as the access code and select ‘Submit’ (Note: the password is case sensitive)

5.    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘OK’

6.    The Faculty: Remote Teaching Organization should now appear in your Organization list.