Education Faculty

Kathrine Roe, Ph.D., Chair, Education & Educational Psychology Department, Assistant Professor

B.S. St John’s University
M.S. Adelphi University
Ph.D. Walden University

White Hall 329c
(203) 837-3263

Therese Richardson, Secretary
Education and Educational Psychology Department

White Hall 321
(203) 837-8510

Adam Brewer, Associate Professor
    B.S., West Virginia University
    M.A., Ph.D., University of Kansas

White Hall 318a
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Dr. Theresa Canada, Professor
B.A., University of Rochester,
M.A., M.Ed., Columbia University
Ed.D., University of Rochester

White Hall 325c
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Dr. Marsha Daria, Professor
B.A., Columbia College
M.Ed., University of North Texas
Ph.D., Texas Woman’s University


White Hall 325a
(203) 837-9359

Dr. Marcia Delcourt, Coordinator, EdD in Instructional Leadership Program, Professor
B.S., Bloomsburg State University
M.A, Ph.D., University of Connecticut


White Hall 317c
(203) 837-9121

Dr. Nicole DeRonck, School Counseling & Clinical Mental Health Program Coordinator,
Associate Professor,
B.A. Gettysburg College
M.S., CAS SUNY Albany
Ed.D. Central CT State University
Ph.D. University of Connecticut


White Hall 322d
(203) 837-8513

Dr. Jean M. Evans Dávila, Coordinator of Secondary Education, Adjunct Faculty
B.A., University of Bridgeport
M.S., University of Bridgeport
Ed.D., Western Connecticut State University

White Hall 329B
(203) 837-8676

Dr. Antonia Giannakakos-Ferman, Assistant Professor
B.S., Western Connecticut State University
M.A., Caldwell University
Ph.D., Caldwell University

White Hall 318C
(203) 837-8508

Dr. Stephanie Kuhn, Coordinator ABA Program, Associate Professor
B.S., Virginia Tech
M.A., Louisiana State University
Ph.D., Louisiana State University


White Hall 318b
(203) 837-3206

Richard Leprine, Coordinator of Student Teaching

White Hall 320
(203) 837-8641

Dr. Davide Mariotti, Assistant Professor
Bachelor and Master’s Sociology – Carlo Bò University of Urbino, Italy
Master in Counseling – A.S.P.I.C. European School of Professional Counseling
Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision – Old Dominion University 

White Hall 322-F
(203) 837-9122

Diana Naddeo, Assistant Professor
B.A. Communications – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.S.E. Counseling – Fordham University
Psy.D. Clinical Psychology – Chestnut Hill College


White Hall 322C
(203) 837-8512

Dr. Catherine (Katie) O’Callaghan, Coordinator Elementary Education Program, Professor
B.A., St. Joseph’s College
M.S., Ph.D., Fordham University


White Hall 329c
(203) 837-3267

Dr. Jody S. Piro, Coordinator 092 Program, Professor
B.S. University of Illinois
M.S. University of Illinois
Ed.D. Northern Illinois University

White Hall 317b
(203) 837-8518

Dr. Annmarie B. Spatola, Coordinator MS in Literacy and Language Arts Program, Adjunct Professor

Ed.D., Western Connecticut State University

White Hall 316b
(203) 837-8938

Dr. Tricia J Stewart, Professor
B.A., St. John Fisher College
M.S., Minnesota State University
Ph.D. University of Rochester


White Hall 317a
(203) 837-8879


Dr. Lorrie-Anne Monte, Assistant Professor & Fieldwork Coordinator

White Hall 322e
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Faculty Emeriti

Emeritus Dr. Karen Burke, Emeritus Professor Ed.D. Program
B.A., St. Joseph’s College
M.S., College of New Rochelle
Ed.D., St. John’s University

Emeritus Dr. Kathryn Campbell, Emeritus Professor Counseling Program
Dakota State University
M.S., CUNY Hunter College
Ph.D., Columbia University

Dr. John Caruso, Coordinator Instructional Technology, Professor
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut
M.A., George Washington University
M.S., M.S, P.E.D., Southern Connecticut State University


Emeritus Dr. Mike Gilles, Emeritus Assistant Professor Counseling Program
B.S., M.Ed., South Dakota State University
Ed.D., University of South Dakota

Emeritus Dr. Darla Shaw, Emeritus Professor
B.S., Fairleigh Dickinson University
M.A., New York University
Ed.D., University of Bridgeport

Emeritus Dr. Michael Wilson, Emeritus Assistant Professor
B.A., University of California
M.A., California State University
Ph.D., University of Southern California