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Deadlines for applying to the Professional Semester:

Applications are due: April 1st.

Applications for student teaching placements

The School of Professional Studies and the Education & Educational Psychology Department are recognized by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) as the principal units for the University with regard to teacher education preparation, serving to coordinate all the University's teacher education degree and related programs. Undergraduate candidates are required to meet with their Education advisor every semester. Please contact the Education Office at 203-837-8510 if you need the name of your advisor.

Additionally the University's designated Officer for CDE Certification is:

Dr. Maryann Rossi, Associate Dean
School of Professional Studies
Location: Midtown Campus
White Hall Room 003
Office #: (203) 837-8950
Fax #: (203) 837-8526
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Praxis Core Academic Skills Tests

Special accommodations:

Required Praxis tests for certification areas: