School of Professional Studies

Education : Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership

Program Outreach

WCSU faculty members and administrators who work within the EdD Program have succeeded in making many connections between the students and local community members, as well as with students and professors at other universities. As part of the Distinguished Guest Lecturer Series, students participated in the following opportunities: a leadership seminar conducted by Dr. Dennis Shirley from Boston College, curriculum workshops by experts Dr. Lynn Erickson and Dr. Deborah Burns, a joint research presentation with students and professors from McGill University in Montréal, a dissertation seminar with students from St. John’s University led by Dr. Rita Dunn, a seminar led by Drs. Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis from the University of Connecticut, and a Creativity in Mathematics workshop led by Dr. Rachel McAnallen.

WCSU’s Instructional Leadership Conference is hosted by the School of Professional Studies and numerous community partners. Held every second year, educators from the northeast are invited to present their research and innovative classroom practices through individual presentations, panels, or poster sessions. The conference also affords our students the opportunity to showcase the results of their investigations.

Faculty members are active in exploring avenues for students to disseminate their products. For example, students have presented at national conferences for the National Association for Gifted Children, the American Educational Research Association, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, The Association for Middle Level Education, and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages as well as at regional conferences in their fields throughout the northeast. All students submit manuscripts for publication and many have been accepted in national and regional journals. Refer to the Annual Report for specific citations.