Certificate for Intermediate Administration and Supervision (Endorsement #092)

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Definition of the 092 Certificate

The Certificate for Intermediate Administration and Supervision is a program developed for educators pursuing administrative positions in a school district up to and including Assistant Superintendent. These positions include roles such as Curriculum Coach, Curriculum Coordinator, Department Chair, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent. To receive the endorsement, all Candidates must complete a planned program approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) and receive a grade of Pass on each of the modules for the Connecticut Administrator’s Test (CAT).

WestConn’s state approved program is offered in collaboration with Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) and is ONLY available for Graduate Students enrolled in WestConn’s EdD in Instructional Leadership program. Please note that the terms Certificate for Intermediate Administration and Supervision and 092 Certificate shall be used interchangeably.

Program Structure

The planned program for this certificate is a total of 24 semester hours. The recommending institution, WestConn, will offer 18 of these credits. The remaining 6 credits will be offered through Central Connecticut State University. A minimum of 60 hours is required for the Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership Degree, including the requirements for a dissertation. Twelve credits for the adminstration certification program are obtained in the Ed.D program. Highlighted courses in the following table are required for the Certificate in Intermediate Administration or Supervision (092).

Table 1
Courses in the Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership Program and Courses Meeting the Requirements of the 092 Certificate

Core Courses in Leadership Theory and Foundations

Area of Specialization

Inquiry Strategies and Dissertation Sequence

ED800: Foundations of Instructional Leadership ED820: Topics in Curriculum and Instruction ED860: Quantitative Methods Applied to Educational Research
ED801: Group Leadership, Group Processes, and Team Building in Education ED821: Leadership Assessment and Development ED861: Qualitative Methods Applied to Educational Research
ED802: Emerging Instructional Technologies ED822: Talent Development Across the Curriculum ED865: Introduction to Educational Research Designs
ED803: National Standards Current Practices, and Policies in Education (Summer Institute) ED823: Models of Creative Thinking ED881: Dissertation Seminar 1
ED804: Learning, Cognition,    and Teaching ED824: Diversity Issues in Schools ED882: Dissertation Seminar 2
ED805: Research and Evaluation in Education ED825: Curriculum Development Using Community Resources ED883: Dissertation Seminar 3
ED884: Dissertation Seminar 4
ED885: Dissertation Seminar 5
18 SH 18 SH 24 SH

Four additional courses are needed to meet the CSDE requirements for the certificate for a total of 12 Semester Hours. Two of these courses will be offered by faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University (6 SH) and two courses will be offered by the Department of Education and Educational Psychology at WestConn (6 SH). These courses would be taught at the WestConn campus in either Danbury or Waterbury. The following additional courses are offered by CCSU or WestConn for the certification program.

Table 2
Additional Courses Needed for the Certification for the Intermediate Administration or Supervision Offered by CCSU and WCSU




CCSU EDL618: Understanding the Political and Ethical Environment of School Leadership (3 SH) Every other Summer (2019, 2021, etc.)
CCSU EDL656: Leadership and Supervision in Teaching and Learning (3 SH) Every other Summer 2019, 2021, etc.)
WCSU ED660: Internship (3 SH) Fall 2019 /
Fall 2021, etc.
WCSU ED665: Internship Seminar (3 SH) Spring 2020/
Spring 2022, etc.

Admission Requirements

The following three requirements were set forth by the CSDE for admission to a program for a Certificate for Intermediate Administration and Supervision. These criteria must be met by all applicants:

  1. Hold a Master’s degree in education or a related field from an accredited institution.
  2. Evidence of five years of full-time educational experience in a PK-12 setting.
  3. Completion of at least 36 semester hours of a special education course.

For WCUS’s program, the entrance materials will include three additional types of information:

  1. Two recommendationsopens PDF file , using a form with specific criteria and questions developed in conjunction with faculty at WCSU, CCSU and local administrators. One recommendation must be completed by the candidate’s district superintendent or someone at the executive level of the school district (Central Office), and the second should be submitted by a supervisor of the applicant.
  2. An Application and Leadership Mini-Portfolioopens PDF file must be completed by each applicant and assessed using a scoring rubric. This rubric incorporates knowledge, skills, and dispositions targeted throughout the program and on the Employer Survey.
  3. An interview including an accompanying 4-point rating of target criteria will be completed by all interviewers.

An Admissions Committee will minimally consist of the Program Coordinator, at least one other faculty member from the EdD Program, and a present or former local school administrator. All candidate materials will be reviewed by the admissions committee before entry to the program will be granted.

Admissions Procedures:

  1. After students are admitted to the EdD in Instructional Leadership Program, they will complete the first course in the EdD and 092 program, ED800: Foundations of Instructional Leadership. Students will then declare their interest in pursuing the 092 certificate.
  2. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Pre-practica experiences through their coursework.
  3. Students will complete two additional courses in the EdD program (ED804: Learning, Cognition, and Teaching, and ED820: Topics in Curriculum and Instruction). At this time, they will confirm a commitment to the 092 certificate program.
  4. Then applicants will submit two recommendations, a mini-portfolio, and the name and title of a mentor to the 092 Program Admissions Committee.

All applicants will be interviewed and notified of acceptance, prior to an orientation meeting in May and the beginning of the summer courses offered by CCSU faculty.

Prepared by: Dr. Marcia A. B. Delcourt, Coordinator, Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership
February 2007

Updated by: Dr. Jody S. Piro, 092 Coordinator
October 2018