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Psychology Department

The Psychology Program

The Psychology program offers a comprehensive education in the methods and content of the discipline of psychology while also providing some flexibility in course selections. Students are given a broad overview of the field in their first course, Introduction to Psychology, and are required to complete a three-course methods and statistics sequence. Additionally, students must satisfy a breadth requirement by taking at least one course from each of five major areas within Psychology (Cognitive, Biological, Developmental, Personality/Social, and Clinical/Counseling). Lastly, in their senior year, students are required to take an advanced seminar or research course. All students are assigned a faculty advisor who will assist them in selecting the appropriate combination of Psychology Courses to match their personal or job-related interests and/or their graduate school or career aspirations.The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, which is available in both day and evening programs, requires students to complete all common core requirements: 36 semester hours in psychology (including all required Courses), and additional free electives to total a minimum of 122 semester hours, including physical education and foreign language. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in their major, as well as overall, in order to remain in good standing. Students are encouraged to complete their required introductory and methods courses in their first two years or, if transfer students, in their first 3 or 4 semesters following their transfer. The following is the recommended sequence for incoming students.

Fall PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology Spring
Spring PSY 201 Principles of Research in Psychology
Fall PSY 204 Psychological Statistics
Spring PSY 324 Experimental Psychology