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FAQs: About the Writing Center


What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is a free resource for students that offers one-to-one peer tutoring sessions, aimed at unlocking each student’s writing potential. Our emphasis is on collaborative learning.


Do I have to have a draft?

You do not need to have a draft to come to the Writing Center. We work with writing at all stages of the writing process—from expanding and outlining ideas to polishing a final draft.


Can I have my paper “fixed”?

The Writing Center is not a “fix-it-shop.” This model would imply that your work is broken, and that is not how we regard your writing. Visiting the Writing Center is an opportunity to learn from and work with enthusiastic tutors, so that you can grow as writer.


Do you tutor writing in every subject?

Yes, our tutoring staff is trained to tutor writing in any subject taught at WCSU. However, writing center tutoring covers primarily the technical aspects of writing itself, independent of the subject matter. These aspects might include brainstorming, grammar, organization, and citations. If your specific question or concern focuses on content rather than the writing itself, we kindly suggest that you visit the Tutoring Resource Center (TRC). The TRC is located on the second floor of Haas Library.


Are the Tutoring Resource Center and the Writing Center the same thing?

The Writing Center is a resource dedicated to helping students create and practice strategies to become more confident writers. We provide assistance on a variety of writing based concerns from brainstorming and outlining to grammar and formatting. We’re located on the third floor of Haas Library.

The Tutoring Resource Center is subject based tutoring; if you need help with Chemistry, Biology, Math, History, or any other subject offered at WCSU, then the TRC is the place for you! The Tutoring Resource Center is located on the second floor of Haas Library.


Do I have to pay money?

No! Part of your tuition goes toward the Writing Center program. There is no additional charge for coming to the Writing Center for help on your paper or the Tutoring Resource Center for assistance with a course.



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