MHA - Master of Health Administration

MHA Course Requirements

  MGT 501 Organizational Behavior   3 S.H.
  MGT 547 Human Resource Management*(MGT 501)   3 S.H.
  MGT 580 Health Delivery Systems   3 S.H.
  MGT 581 Health Services Financial Management   3 S.H.
  MGT 582 Managing Health Services Organizations   3 S.H.
  MGT 585 Health Services Quality Management   3 S.H.
  MGT 591 Introduction to Health Policy*(MGT 580)   3 S.H.
  MGT 595 Strategic Management for Health Services   3 S.H.
  *(24 graduate credits completed)    
ELECTIVES (12 semester hours minimum)
  ___   3 S.H.
  ___   3 S.H.
  ___   3 S.H.
  ___   3 S.H.
  *( ) = Course Prerequisite(s)

Total Semester Hours




(12 Semester Hours Minimum)

MGT 550 Selected Topics in Management
MGT 584 Long Term Care Administration
MGT 586 Health Services Marketing
MGT 587 Health Services Law
MGT 598 Faculty Developed Study
MGT 599 Student Developed Study

You may also choose non-MHA electives from the graduate offerings of

  1. The Management Department;
  2. Other Ancell School of Business departments (e.g., marketing, finance); or
  3. Departments outside the Ancell School (e.g., nursing, psychology, communications);
  4. Interdisciplinary Gerontological Studies Program

Choosing electives permits you to tailor the MHA program to your needs and objectives. Please present your non-MHA choices and rationale to the Coordinator for prior approval.

NOTE: MHA students may not take more than 3 MBA courses as electives.

Please see the current Graduate Catalogue for course descriptions and other relevant information.