Ancell School of Business

Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan – Ancell School of Business


The Ancell School of Business transforms students into graduates who are prepared for the complexities of the global economy and who will fulfill the needs of regional employers. The Ancell School, as a public institution, provides an affordable and personalized learning environment for undergraduate and graduate students from Western Connecticut and the tri-state region. The Ancell School promotes innovation, impact, and engagement in teaching that is informed by intellectual contributions and service to our community, businesses, and professional organizations.


The Ancell School of Business will be recognized as a leading impactful provider of public undergraduate and graduate business education in Western Connecticut and the tri-state area.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1. Ancell’s academic and co-curricular programs will produce graduates that impact the economy of Western Connecticut and the tri-state region.

Goal 2. Ancell’s faculty and administration will produce scholarship and engage in activities that will positively impact the academic, accreditation, and business communities

Goal 3. Ancell will be viewed as a School that donors want to engage with to enhance impactful educational opportunities for our students.

Goal 4. Ancell will be viewed as a business school that impacts underserved populations by providing education and opportunities to develop into leaders who add value to businesses, serve communities and increase opportunities for all.


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