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Why study marketing at WCSU?
At WCSU Ancell School of Business, students learn the critical roles and responsibilities of successful marketing for an organization on local, regional, national, and global levels.

Marketing “the bigger picture” of a company
Marketing skills are essential for successful careers in media, brand management, marketing research and advertising.

Your WCSU marketing degree leads . . . to a sound understanding of marketing’s role in competitive environments
With a deep understanding of the dynamics of the competitive business world, WCSU marketing students have proven, year after year, to be well-prepared as they enter the workforce.

The marketing curriculum provides students with a sound understanding of the marketing function and its critical role in the success of organizations in globally competitive environments. Students learn analytical and communicative skills needed to succeed in brand management, marketing research, advertising management, and other fields within marketing. The skills and techniques of marketing management are also stressed.
The interactive marketing option was developed in cooperation with professional organizations and national businesses to provide career opportunities for our students in this large and growing field. Students will examine many aspects of interactive, electronic and internet marketing including: managing creative and promotional processes, utilizing database technologies, developing and maintaining relationships with customers, managing effective e-commerce websites, developing search engine marketing and social media marketing programs and managing interactive marketing organizations in a globally and socially responsive manner.

The marketing department’s primary mission is to prepare students to be contributing members of organizations by providing an education focusing on the marketing function. We are dedicated to developing in our students problem-solving abilities that are firmly grounded in the arts and sciences and other business areas. We emphasize a personalized approach to education and promote the development of self-worth in our students. Our students will have an understanding of and appreciation for the global business environment and the social implications of business actions. We also recognize that specific technical skills are necessary to prepare students for entry into the workforce; therefore, our department will maintain an approach to education that is consistent with existing technologies and methods.

A  graduate  of   the  marketing  department  should  be  able  to  develop a comprehensive marketing plan.  According to the American Marketing Association a marketing plan is a document composed of the following elements and students should be able to:

  • Perform an analysis of the current marketing situation
  • Identify opportunities and threats in the business environment
  • Develop quantified marketing objectives
  • Develop viable marketing strategies
  • Develop detailed action programs
  • Develop projected or pro-forma income (and other financial) statements related to the plan

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