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Why study management at WCSU?  
As a WCSU Management major, you will develop practical skills to manage yourself,  other individuals, work, and teams.   You will be able to assess and improve business process, understand the impact of organizational structure, and have an appreciation for the global, ethical, and environmental factors that impact organizations.

Effective management = leadership in action
Successful managers are leaders who optimize human, physical, and financial resources to achieve an organization’s objectives.

Ancell leads . . . to successful careers in Management
Our Management program emphasizes practical application to support theories learned, and prepares students to meet the expectations of a wide range of entry-level management positions. Whether you are improving your communication skills, critical thinking or negotiation skills, or studying the global, social, environmental and ethical factors that influence organizations, ASB will help you meet your goals.

To provide students with the knowledge, perspectives, and competencies necessary to understand and practice management as a generic process in all types of organizations and, thus, to prepare them for future managerial positions.

A graduate of the Management Department’s majors should:

  • Possess a knowledge of the fundamental concepts of management as an organizational process
  • Display the communication skills, both written and oral, used in business and organizational settings
  • Recognize ethical challenges and ethical actions in organizational settings
  • Possess the skills to work effectively in groups and teams
  • Appreciate diversity among individuals as an organizational strength
  • Be capable  of  analyzing  and  correcting  organizational processes

Minor Program Information:

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