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Management Information Systems


Why study MIS at WCSU? 
People empowered to manage, maintain and monitor a company’s information systems are highly skilled, highly trusted, and highly paid.  WCSU’s Ancell School of Business MIS courses are certified 100% compliant with the National Standard for IS (Information Systems) Security Professionals

MIS: the technology core of a company
Management Information Systems (MIS) experts manage the cyber “hub” of organizations, including databases, project management systems, resources and security.

A WCSU MIS degree leads . . . to a secure future 
With a solid foundation and real-world experience in software and hardware used to manage data networks worldwide, WCSU MIS students get off to a great start in the information systems arena.

Designed to help students understand the importance of information as an essential and valuable resource in business decision making processes for all organizations; develop the critical analytical, quantitative and computer skills necessary to address complex business problems; and prepare its students for responsible MIS roles in the public and private sectors.
This option provides undergraduate students an enhancement to their understanding of information systems security practices. The option incorporates both behavioral and technical aspects of security and is intended to offer a broad perspective. Fifteen semester hours of courses are drawn from management information systems, computer science and JLA with the purpose of elevating the importance of the behavioral aspects of security while continuing to recognize the importance of technological security controls.

Meet the needs of students and organizations by providing state-of-the-art quality in undergraduate and graduate courses.

A graduate of the MIS department should be able to:

  • Use  analytical, quantitative, and systems skills to solve complex  business problems
  • Work in teams to develop solutions to complex business problems
  • Demonstrate  effective and persuasive written and oral communication skills

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