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The Ancell School of Business is an accredited member of the
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB).

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Prepare to compete in the global economy

The Ancell School of Business transforms students into graduates prepared to succeed in the global economy and who fulfill — and exceed — employers’ needs.

<6% of global business schools
have earned AACSB accreditation

AACSB International is the premier accreditation institute for programs offering degrees in business and accounting. Fewer than 6% of global business schools have earned AACSB accreditation, which is considered one of the most prestigious accreditation credentials for business schools.

We meet the needs of our community with an affordable, high-quality education in a personalized learning environment.  

Our small class sizes promote innovation, engagement and impact as students learn from professionals in their fields. Our teaching is informed by intellectual contributions and service to our community, businesses and professional organizations. 


Work strategically to provide expert financial advice

Ancell’s accounting program helps students graduate with the skills and knowledge essential for financial or managerial accounting. Students develop a clear understanding of the fundamental practices and regulations in business, gain problem-solving skills in finance and learn techniques to compose reports and analyze accounting data.

Courses develop skills with select software tools, understanding legal, social, political and economic contexts in the field and accounting quantitative methods. Students study insurance problems, commercial disputes, accountants’ liability, stockholders’ equity, investments and more.

Our students graduate as skilled accounting professionals, ready to work in the highly-competitive business environment.

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Protect networks and data from unauthorized access

Ancell’s cybersecurity undergraduate program provides students with experience in technical and managerial requirements of a successful career. WCSU cybersecurity graduates help protect networks, computers, programs and data in our high-tech world.

The degree incorporates two general categories agreed upon by industry experts. First: knowledge of the technical aspects of security including databases, networks, anti-malware systems and penetration testing. Second: managerial tasks such as developing security programs, policy formation, compliance with government regulations, privacy ethics, continuity planning and risk management. Students learn to protect business and personal information in the face of increasingly sophisticated hackers.

A cybersecurity degree leads to opportunities in a wide range of government and business careers.

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Learn about the economic behavior of individuals, business and society

The economics program provides students with an understanding and appreciation of the economic behavior of individuals, business and society. The focus is on social outcomes of economic transactions and activities, as well as on economic performance. In addition to economic efficiency, economics studies the issue of equity, analyzing various social issues from the economic perspective, including inequalities in economic opportunities and discrimination; it examines efforts to remedy those inequities through means of redistribution of income or wealth and their impact on the overall economy. Economics is taught as part of a liberal arts education at Western and provides an especially relevant background for careers in business, finance, international organizations or government, as well as for graduate study in economics, law or business.

Here is the link to detailed information about the program:

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Learn to solve complex problems & make sound financial decisions

Finance students graduate with skills, knowledge and the ability to make decisions that result in successful money management. Students focus on in-depth studies of money and banking, financial institutions and markets, financial assets valuation, investments and portfolio management, risk and return analysis, use of derivatives to hedge against risk and proper strategies to keep a business financially healthy. Using analytical and quantitative techniques, students learn proven methodologies and graduate ready to contribute to solving business, industry and nonprofit organizations challenges.

WCSU finance graduates are in the workforce analyzing and solving financial issues, helping their clients and employers succeed.

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Optimize human, physical, & financial resources to help businesses succeed

Ancell’s Management program emphasizes practical application and prepares students to meet the expectations of a wide range of entry-level management positions. Students develop practical skills to manage themselves, other individuals, work and teams. Students assess and improve business process, understand the impact of organizational structure, and recognize global, ethical and environmental factors that affect organizations.

Whether you are improving your communication skills, critical thinking or negotiation skills, or studying the global, social, environmental and ethical factors that influence organizations, we help you meet your goals. Students graduate with effective management skills and thrive in leadership positions that optimize human, physical and financial resources to achieve an organization’s objectives.

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Use analytical, quantitative & systems skills to solve complex business problems

Ancell’s Management Information Systems (MIS) undergraduate program provides our students with a great start in the information systems arena. Students gain a solid foundation and real-world experience in software and hardware used to manage data networks worldwide.

MIS is the technology core of a company managing organizations’ cyber hubs, including databases, project management systems, resources and security. In the field, MIS experts manage, maintain and monitor a company’s information systems — and they’re highly skilled, highly trusted, and highly paid.

WCSU’s Ancell School of Business MIS courses are certified 100% compliant with the National Standard for IS (Information Systems) Security Professionals and ensure students learn skills valuable to their success in MIS.

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Gain essential skills for media, brand management, marketing research & advertising

At WCSU Ancell’s Marketing undergraduate program students gain skills needed for the critical roles and responsibilities of successful marketing for an organization on local, regional, national and global levels.

Marketing skills are essential for successful careers in media, brand management, marketing research and advertising. Students study the dynamics of the competitive business world through evaluations and analysis of the current marketing situation, developing and researching marketing strategies and learning the foundations for management in the field.

WCSU’s marketing degree leads to a sound understanding of marketing’s role in competitive environments and our students are well-prepared as they enter the workforce.

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Discover your interests, skills and values

Option for Bachelor of Business Administration Undeclared Majors

Introduce yourself to the world of business and open doors to opportunities. 

WCSU’s BBA undeclared is designed so that you can explore and experiment — while fulfilling core requirements — and allows you to discover a wide variety of options and decide which business field supports your career goals. We are here to help you succeed: we’ll assign you to faculty advisors to guide you along your way. 

BBA undeclared is an option for you if you don’t know if you are going to major in Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing or Management Information systems. You’ll choose your major before the end of your sophomore year. 

Check out accounting, cybersecurity, finance,  management, management information systems and marketing. Choose a career that incorporates your interests, your skills and your values. 


Be ready for managerial positions in today’s competitive market

Ancell’s Master of Business (MBA) graduate program provides students with the skills to succeed as managers in today’s competitive market. Our students gain fundamental knowledge of business, organizational structure and functions as well as exposure to strategic thinking, sustainability and global issues.

Our program focuses on learning through collaboration and real-life experiences, assessing the current business environment and cultivating critical analysis skills needed to generate effective business strategies. Students can take one to two courses in the fall, spring, summer and intersession, completing the degree in as little as two years all while working. Students able to make a full-time commitment including summer and intersession can complete the program in 12-14 months depending on required prerequisites. Our scheduling also meets the needs of accounting graduates who are completing Connecticut’s 150 credit hour requirement prior to joining accounting firms.

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Prepare for managerial positions in a range of health services organizations

An online program designed for busy professionals, Ancell’s Master of Health Administration (MHA) graduate program prepares students for managerial positions in a range of health services organizations.

Our students advance their careers and take on leadership roles in healthcare and financing organizations, building careers in management, consulting, medical device, pharmaceutical and payer organizations — while adapting to constantly evolving health care laws, technology and regulations.

Taught from both practitioner and academic perspectives, our students improve critical thinking skills to solve problems, manage and organize strategic plans and gain an understanding of principles and practices essential to success in the U.S. healthcare system.

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Get the help you need:
free and confidential tutoring

Ancell Commons helps every student enrolled in business, economics and COM 161 and 163 courses. The Ancell Commons is a great place to study and to find in-person or virtual tutoring and academic support. Make sure to check the Ancell Pride blog on a regular basis for events and opportunities curated just for you!