Health Service

Health Service Mission Statement

The Mission of Health Service is to provide quality and preventive health care in a culturally diverse context. The Health Service strives to promote health awareness for our students and academic community through educational programs, counseling, and promoting healthy behaviors that facilitate academic success.

For many students, college life is a very exciting, yet stressful time. You will face exams, assignment deadlines, and the task of balancing both work and a social life. To do that, you will need maximum energy, self confidence and a healthy outlook on life. Therefore, regular exercise, information about  the foods you eat, and an awareness of any changes in your body, are essential to maintaining your good health. The staff at the University Health Service are committed to helping you achieve these goals.

University Health Service is located on the mid-town campus, across from the parking garage and in front of Litchfield Hall. 

 Please call 203-837-8594 if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Nancy Haensch, APRN
Joanne Zanella, RN
Dawn Lipke, Secretary

Emergencies and  Urgent problems will receive priority.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday

8 am – 4 pm (Closed 12 pm-1 pm)

For Emergencies Call 911 or Campus Police 837-9300

Services Provided

All full time students are eligible for care at Health Service.

Health Service provides screening and treatment for illnesses, injuries and other health  related problems. It offers treatment for gynecological problems, men’s health problems, and diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Information and prescriptions for birth control, counseling in nutrition and general health, referrals to area specialists, laboratory services and loan of some medical equipment, such as crutches, are also provided. Students should bring their health insurance information with them each time they visit the Health Service. This should include: the name of the insurance company, ID  numbers, policy holder’s name, PCP (primary care physician), prescription plan, participating laboratories and referral requirements.

Health Service also sponsors heath education programs throughout the year.


Services such as prescription medications, x-rays and laboratory tests, referrals to physicians, emergency room care, ambulance and hospitalization are charges that will be incurred outside of Health Service. These charges are the responsibility of the student.