Ancell School of Business

Graduate MBA Learning Goals

Program Learning Goals and Outcomes


 COMMUNICATION: MBA graduates will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.

  • Graduates will demonstrate effective writing skills that are appropriate to multi-national and multi-layered organizations.
  • Graduates will demonstrate effective oral communication skills that encompass diverse perspectives.

LEADERSHIP AND TEAMS: MBA graduates will demonstrate managerial-level skills required to develop successful careers.

  • Graduates will be effective leaders.
  • Graduates will be effective collaborators.

 ETHICS: MBA graduates will demonstrate ethical awareness.

  • Graduates will apply social frameworks to achieve a positive societal impact *
  • Graduates will be able to evaluate and apply relevant ethical considerations to decision-making.

CRITICAL THINKING: MBA graduates will be effective critical thinkers.

  • Graduates will utilize critical thinking to assess business environments.
  • Graduates will apply qualitative and quantitative reasoning to make business decisions.

*Required by current AACSB standards: “Societal Impact. Societal impact as an expectation of all accredited schools reflects AACSB’s vision that business education is a force for good in society and makes a positive contribution to society, as identified in the school’s mission and strategic plan. This includes an expectation that the school explicates its intended strategies to effect a positive impact on society, that the school’s curriculum contains some components relating to societal impact, that the school’s intellectual contributions portfolio contains some contributions focused on societal impact, and that the school is fostering and promoting curriculum and/or curricular activities that seek to make a positive societal impact.”