Career Changers' Guide - Activate


After you have spent considerable time DISCOVERING, EXPERIENCING and

CREATING yourself, it is now time to make that transition and ACTIVATE your

plan into motion. This can be a scary time but it does not need to be if you

have taken the time to understand your skills and your plan of action for a change.

How to Activate my plan?

At this time, you should feel confidant applying to new positions. Working towards creating a robust online persona while utilizing social media avenues like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest Facebook, etc., can help you showcase your professionalism and knowledge in your field. These avenues will help you develop contacts within the industry, conduct research, and search for opportunities.

LinkedIn can be a valuable resource to help keep you updated on the latest industry trends and it also allows you to connect with people who are already working in companies that you may be interested in learning more about. Anyone who means anything to your career will be on LinkedIn and employers always Google job candidates and will expect applicants to have a LinkedIn account.

Networking with like-minded professionals in your desired industry can also be beneficial. Opportunities can be found in most any situation, but you should first focus on peers, professors, family/friends, industry representatives, members of professional organizations, and anyone that may be able to provide you solid information about the industry for which you want to work.



In the end, personal growth, and change, comes from constantly re-evaluating

yourself and the progress you have made, along with avenues to consider while

you embark on a new journey. Making a change is not easy but with some

understanding, patience and persistence, it can happen and lead you to a more

fulfilling career and lifestyle. Good luck and never give up!