What is a Graduate Program?

A graduate education encompasses advance research, study and/or teaching beyond the bachelor's degree. It can provide a full "graduate degree", or shorter term credentials.

When might Graduate School work for you?

The decision to continue your studies is a significant step and should not be taken lightly; don’t go to graduate school to avoid doing a job search! Graduate school serves a very specific purpose for your future employment. This commitment requires careful thought and planning and will carry a high risk if you do not have a firm commitment and evaluation of the educational value and timing.

Considerations for Grad School Application

To apply, you will likely need to complete the following: a detailed application; a resume or curriculum vitae; and, an admission essay and/or a statement of purpose. You may have to taks a specific test with a minimum score. Ensure also that your LinkedIn profile (page 30) are up to date and that personal social media is "clean."

The admission essay, personal statement, goal statement, or statement of purpose is an important part of the application that informs the admission board on who you are, your purpose, and what do you expect to do with your advanced degree. Ensure you communicate your experiences, achievements and career interests that show you are a perfect fit for their program.

Questions to help you collect ideas

What experiences have driven you to have an interest this field? How did these experiences change and motivate you? What are your career goals; how will this program help you achieve them? What academic and related experience do you have in this field? Have you had to overcome any unusual obstacles or hardships in your life? What is unique, distinctive, and/or impressive about you or your life story? Are there any gaps/discrepancies in your academic record to explain?

Consider a Graduate Program at WCSU

The WCSU graduate offers an outstanding faculty & curricula, and convenient and flexible schedule. The university also offers a range of diverse graduate studies within the Arts, Science and Doctoral degrees.

For more information visit https://www.wcsu.edu/education/graduate/.