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The Career Success Center is committed to partnering with faculty and staff to empower our students with career knowledge, reflection, resources, tools and connections to help them advance personally and professionally toward their life goals. Many WCSU Wolves balance full plates of study, work, family, athletics, clubs, etc. and rely on the guidance and mentorship from their faculty and staff advisors.

Below is a menu of resources available to support you and your students with career and career-related applied-learning activities.

Career Exploration Resources for Students to get Started


Essential resource for dynamically updated job, internships, event, career fair and connections, focused on opportunities available to WCSU students; customizable through an individualized profile.


Easy-to-use vocational assessment tool that uses scientific algorithms to match students with potential careers and/or majors. Embeds connections with career pathways, occupational information, Handshake and other career tools.

opens in a new windowWCSU Internship Program

The Career Education Internship Program gives students who have completed at least 45 credits opportunities to: Gain career-related experience , earn a salary or hourly wage, work full-time or part-time, all while earning up to 18 class credits.


Each tool provides an important, distinct function from unique job boards, personal assessment, personal branding, and sage advice to intelligent software for perfect resumes and successful interviewing.

Career Exploration Resources for Students to Continue to Grow

opens in a new windowForage Virtual Experience

Build real-world skills direct from leading organizations through Virtual Experience Programs.

Parker-Dewey Micro-Internships

Micro-Internships are one-time professional projects that you can complete as a WCSU students or recent graduate. This can help you learn more about our your talents and provide professional work experience.

Career & Life Design

Learn how proven design-thinking mindsets like curiosity, trying stuff/prototyping, reframing problems, and asking for help can help you design and build your career in the face of all the unknowns.


Curated mobile platform for students to learn about CT’s innovative employers, their business lines and career opportunities real time: includes employer events, mentoring exchanges, service activities, and social events.

Further Exploration for Your Students

Exploring and Deciding Chart

Career Communities

These WCSU Career Communities are unique information hubs to help students explore possibilities, find experiential opportunities, gain career-ready skills, enable professional connections, and activate their future through targeted resources and job opportunities.  

Requesting a Classroom Visit

Below is a menu of resources available to support you and your students with career and career-related applied-learning activities.

We offer customized presentations to your classes. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Designing Your Life (DYL): Your Forever Tools!
  • Using the Career Success Center: Frosh, Grad and Beyond
  • Standing Out in the Crowd: Resume & Cover Letters
  • Internships: Real Experience Matters!
  • Networking: Opening Doors to Future Opportunities
  • Who are you? Self-Reflection and Vocational Assessment
  • Connections and Job Discovery: Using Handshake
  • Applying Your Learning: Experiences with Pay and/or Credit
  • Marketing You: LinkedIn and Personal Branding
  • Getting the Job: Nailing the Job Interview
  • What Employers Want: Translating Your Liberal Arts’ Skills


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