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We value the support of parents throughout the university.

WCSU’s Career Success Center offers services and resources to help students through a four-year plan of Discovering & Exploring, Preparing & Practicing, Experiencing & Assessing and Implementing & Engaging, resulting in successful career exploration, opportunities, and employability. 

Questions Parents Can Ask Their Students to Help Them Prepare

Are You an Employer or Connected to One?

Learn how to post job opportunities for student

Essential tools for Students

Prepare for Interviews Improve your Resume Get Experience Manage your Network Build Your Skills Assess your Interests
Learn about internships and jobs
opportunities on Handshake.

Learn more about Career Planning in our Career and Life Design Guide

Get Involved!

The Office of Parent Services welcomes you to the WCSU parent community.  If you wish to receive regular updates for parents from the Office of Parent Services, please complete the WCSU Parent Association Information Form

Offer your career-related, industry-specific expertise and advice by volunteering for events held by the Career Success Center.

Contact the office at 203-837-8263 or careersuccess@wcsu.educreate new email for more information.

Encourage your student to visit The Career Success Center early on in their WCSU career to take advantage of the available resources.