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Today's workforce is more diverse than ever, employing individuals of all backgrounds and ages, including those with disabilities. Students with a documented disability can best face unique challenges in their career planning through self-advocacy in the workplace and by accessing all available resources designed to help people with disabilities entering the workforce. The following resources are available to help individuals navigate these challenges and access services that will help to advance their career goals.

The resources listed and linked here can guide you through each stage of the recruitment and hiring process-- career selection and preparation, networking, job search, application, interview and acceptance. Consider how your accommodations and/or disability will work on a day to day basis. Once hired, how can you best use your talents and abilities to succeed in the job?  What accommodations work well and enhance your ability to perform that job?

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  • Integrate offers a wide variety of Job Search Websites

  • They also have list of resources broken down by state that you can access

  • You may also find a list of Autism-Staffed Companies as well as Government & Non-Profit Programs here, and you can click here to view helpful resources for candidates

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We encourage students to turn learning challenges into assets by demonstrating the knowledge, know-how and resources to partner effectively with a potential employer and by utilizing the accommodations or work-arounds that you need to succeed.  Demonstrating such mastery shows an employer that you are persistent, resilient, a creative problem-solver, good communicator and that the success of the company is your primary interest. The Career Center can assist individuals with developing these skills.  Login to  opens in a new windowHandshake to request an appointment and discuss these issues with a career advisor.

Learn about some important Perspectives on Diversity in the Workforce through this panel discussion sponsored by the Career Success Center and the WCSU Office of Diversity and Equity