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Career Education Courses

CED 110 Designing Your Life 

Learn a highly effective approach to design your life (what a concept!). Using “design thinking” methodology, the course integrates designer mindsets of curiosity, reframing, radical collaboration, process knowledge and “trying stuff”, all supported by frameworks, tools, networks, mentors, and others who will support your design, reflection, and execution of creative life prototypes.


CED 120 The Employment Process

Learn how to make a challenging and involved employment process a LOT easier through techniques and tools that will help you acquire good jobs and/or internships. Identify your strengths, leverage unique talents, create a personal brand, navigate the landscape of job finding/acquisition, confidently connect and interview, and open yourself up to new and fantastic opportunities for personal growth.


CED 130 Workplace Professionalism for Career Success

Learn workplace skills, office protocol and proven practices to help you ROCK your internship, job or career performance.  Learn the principles, mindsets and processes that will help you adapt and thrive in any work circumstance, make essential connections, and get support from people who want to help you succeed. 

These general elective classes are 1.5 credits, have no prerequisites, and are offered twice a semester. 

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(Unfortunately, they will not be offered this upcoming Spring 2024 term.)