Learning Objective: Discover the lifelong cycle of learning to increase self and career knowledge.

DISCOVER Career Learning (30 min)

The Career Success Center (CSC) is always available for your live and virtual visits.

Connect with the CSC early and often to:

1.  Review the “Career & Life Design: Getting it Started” handout


Take the next step toward your professional future by doing a personal Assessment.

3. Watch the “PathwayU” video below .


2. Learn about the CSC by visiting the website and viewing the introductory video. (Linked Below)

4. Go to the CSC website and click the “Assess Your Professional Interests and Research Industries” button under the video. On this Personal Assessment page, select “Click here to explore PathwayU”.

5. Once in PathwayU, create an account, and follow the assessment.

Learning Objective: Experience the process of career learning through reflection and writing about discovered interests, accomplishments, failures, experiences and other topics.

EXPERIENCE the process of Career Learning (10 min)

Answer the following assessment reflection questions

1. Of the suggested career fields from your selected assessment, what interests you the most? What surprised you most about the results? And why?


2. Think about an impactful experience (professional/volunteer/academic/other) in which you felt especially satisfied. What are 2-3 skills or pieces of new knowledge did you gain from that event?


3. List the top 3 experiences, topics, and/or issues concerning your future life that you would like to explore beyond the classroom.

Learning Objective: Create a profile in Handshake and connect with a specialist/expert to begin your career plan and prepare for real career opportunities.

CREATE your profile and make a career connection (40 min)

  1. Begin creating an opening for professional connections with employers on Handshake. First watch opens in a new windowHandshake: Your Center for Internships/Jobs, Events and Connections (5:40), then:  accept your Handshake account by clicking opens in a new windowhere.  Using the instructions in the previous video (linked below), complete your professional profile.

2. Have a career conversation with any specialist/expert/professional who is doing something of interest to you (in person/phone/video).  opens in a new windowHere are some helpful guidelines for making a connection with that individual.  

Learning Objective: Activate your career plan by selecting activities to pave the way to your future.

ACTIVATE your Career Action Plan Next Steps (10 min)

Visit the opens in a new windowjob search section in Handshake. Select the top 3-5 target companies and sample job roles you may consider in the future and/or would like to explore. What factors did you use to decide on these top companies and job roles?


What skills/competencies do you need to develop over the next few years to meet the job role needs (that you have selected)? How might you connect with specialists/experts/professionals to learn more about these competencies? What’s your approximate timeline for developing these skills/competencies.

Other helpful early resources:

1. Visit the opens in a new windowWCSU Career Success Center Online or In-Person at the Westside Campus Center, Room 300.

Let's Get Connected!

Meet with the Career Success Center to get personalized career guidance!

Monday – Friday, 10am to 5pm     Westside Campus Center, Room 300

2. Use the opens in a new windowCareer and Life Design Guide (First Edition available online) to see a more detailed overview of the career development process and more specific guidance on how to execute your career plans.

3. Plan to take a Career Education Class: CED 110 (Designing Your Life), CED 120 (the Employment Process) and CED 130 (Workplace Professionalism for Career Success). They are 1.5 credits/8 classes each. Unfortunately, our classes will not be available this upcoming Spring term.  See opens in a new windowthis webpage for more information.

Big thanks to all the students who participated and found joy in our Career Education classes this semester!

Unfortunately, our classes will not be available this upcoming Spring term.

Career Education (CED) Courses

CED 110 - Designing Your Life

CED 120 - The Employment Process

CED 130 - Workplace Professionalism for Career Success

Click here for more details about each course