Your Career and Life Design - Plan Level 4

You are almost there! This is the phase where you see the fruits of your work. You will refine your ability to discern good jobs and internships, connect with people and acquire great opportunities. If you've done the previous steps, the jobs come to you!

APPLY to grad school if required to reach your career goals. WRITE your personal statement and UPDATE your resume.

GET EXPERIENCES that point you to your first post-college destination: try several applied learning opportunities.

Do you have a better idea of what you want to do after graduation?

GET EVEN MORE EXPERIENCE connecting with people: have opens in a new windowCareer Conversations with four more people working full time (could be anyone) to get more insights into the changing world of work.

You're REALLY good at this now!!!

LEARN how to ace an opens in a new windowinterview. Take one of two mini-courses (with A.I.) in opens in a new window"Big Interview."

PARTICIPATE in opens in a new windowcareer fairs (live and virtual) and other career exploration events to meet with and learn from hiring companies and graduate schools.