Current Students

How Advising Works:

  • All students (new and continuing) are assigned to a University Advisor based on their program or area of study.
  • Your University Advisor does not replace your Faculty Advisor/Mentor. You are encouraged to connect with your Faculty Advisor/Mentor each semester. Together, we will support you in reaching your academic and career goals!
  • To identify your advisors, you can visit Degree Works and your assigned advisors will be listed at the top of the page.

Your University Advisor Can Help You: 

  • Discuss  your academic and career goals
  • Review your degree requirements and your progress toward degree completion. 
  • Support and collaborate with your Faculty Advisor/Mentor.
  • Encourage involvement with campus activities
  • Help you connect with academic support services such as tutoring and peer mentors. 
  • Empower you to become a self-advocate
  • Develop effective decision-making and problem-solving skills

Preparing for Course Registration

When it’s time to make course selections and register for classes, you will need to contact your advisor to set up an appointment so you have information on courses you should plan to take for the upcoming semester.

Locate your Advisor & Registration Information in BannerWeb

  • Click the link below, or go to and click on the “Essentials” tab at the top right. Then click “My Banner”
  • Enter your username and password, and you will be on the BannerWeb home page. 
  • To view your earliest registration date and/or to see who your advisor is, click “My Registration Status”
  • Your registration date may not be listed yet if the priority registration information has not been released for the next semester. You will receive an email from University Advisement as soon as your registration information is available. 
  • You can find your faculty advisor/mentor’s contact information in the University Directory.

Prepare for Advisement & Registration

Review your degree progress in opens in a new windowDegree Works, your official degree audit system.

You can view progress towards your degree, all degree requirements, and even process “What-If” reports if you’re interested in changing your major. This tool helps prepare you for your advisement appointment because it tells you exactly what courses you need to take to fulfill your degree requirements. Click here for a DegreeWorks tutorial. 

Note: Your advisor writes notes in DegreeWorks! Scroll to the bottom of the page to see notes from your previous advising meetings.

Review your major’s 4-Year Plan

In addition to DegreeWorks, be sure to review your major’s Program Plan to ensure you’re staying on track with your major’s sequencing. 

Search for Classes in Open/Close

Once you know what classes you need to take, search for available classes in Open/Close. Write down a list of 5-8 classes to review with your advisor. 

Schedule a Meeting with your Faculty or University Advisor

After you receive your Priority Registration date,  you should schedule a meeting with your Faculty Advisor/Mentor and/or University Advisor (see info above to find your advisor’s info).  Plan to meet with your advisor before your priority registration date. 

During this meeting, your advisor will review your degree progress, will help you register for the semester, and will provide you with your registration PIN.  

To make this meeting productive and effective, it’s important that you prepare properly using the steps above. 

Click the button below to schedule a meeting with your University Advisor. If you do not have a University Advisor assigned, please email advisors@wcsu. to inquire about the advisor aligned with your major. 

Register for Courses

After meeting with your advisor, you should have all the tools you need to successfully register for classes. 

  • Sign into BannerWeb, navigate to the “Student” tab and click the Registration Add/Drop Classes  tab. Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu and click submit. Enter your registration PIN and then enter the CRN numbers for the courses you discussed with your advisor. Then click Submit. 
  • Enroll at your appointed time: don’t put off registration past your priority registration date. You should enroll in classes as soon as you’re allowed. The earlier you register, the better your choices.
  • Be flexible: If you really want a class, be flexible about the section and the time. If a course you want is closed, add something in its place but keep checking the system to see if a seat eventually opens.

What do I do if I receive an error message when attempting to register?

You might come across errors when attempting to register for certain courses. Click the link below to review common registration errors, what they mean, and how to resolve them. 

If you have a hold on your account that is preventing you from registering, you must contact the appropriate office to find out how you can resolve that hold. Your hold information will be located at the top of your DegreeWorks, as well as in BannerWeb. 

Students can find more detailed information about how to register through BannerWeb, Schedule Grids to map schedules and avoid conflicts, and more on the WCSU Gear Up for Registration site.