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First Year Program

First Year Header

Welcome to WCSU:

Making the transition from high school to college can be rough. To help you with that transition WCSU has put together a First Year Program consisting of classes and resources designed to help you:

  • Understand WCSU’s physical and virtual campus,
  • Locate and utilize resources that can contribute to your success,
  • Understand the basic procedures that can contribute to higher academic achievement,
  • Become familiar with the expectations at the university level, and 
  • Develop the habits and practices necessary for continued growth.

In support of these goals and the FY classes we have also developed the learning modules listed below.  Each module is a short (≈20-30 minutes) and focused on a particular objective.  Most of the modules can be completed in any order, but prerequisites will be listed where necessary.

Learning Modules:

(Module names which do not link are still under development, thank you for your patience.)

Before We Begin





  • Speaking the Language of the University
  • You and Your College Class
  • Academic Honesty (≈15-20 minutes)


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