First Year Program

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Welcome to WCSU:

Making the transition from high school to college can be rough. To help you with that transition WCSU has put together a First Year Program consisting of classes and resources designed to help you:

  • Understand WCSU’s physical and virtual campus,
  • Locate and utilize resources that can contribute to your success,
  • Understand the basic procedures that can contribute to higher academic achievement,
  • Become familiar with the expectations at the university level, and 
  • Develop the habits and practices necessary for continued growth.

In support of these goals and the FY classes we have also developed the learning modules listed below.  Each module is typically short (≈30 minutes) and focused on a particular objective.  Most of the modules can be completed in any order, but prerequisites will be listed where necessary.

Learning Modules:

(Module names which do not link are still under development, thank you for your patience.)

Before We Begin





  • Speaking the Language of the University
  • You and Your College Class
  • Academic Honesty (≈15-20 minutes)


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