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What's On at WCSU?

What’s On at WCSU?

Virtual Events for Spring 2020

The WOW has gone virtual.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2020!!!  


GALLERY OF GRADUATES 2020: We are proud to honor you, Class of 2020. When we can assemble together again, we’ll have a celebration! Class of 2020 Collage

ATHLETICS AWARDS VIDEO: Watch as we honor our Student Athletes during this virtual awards ceremony.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP RECOGNITION BANQUET (SLRB) VIRTUAL AWARDS CEREMONY: The SLRB Virtual Awards Ceremony video will be released on Tuesday, May 26. Check for an all campus email with the link later today.


PE WITH JOE: Thirty minute workouts on YouTube.

RECREATION VIRTUAL EVENTS & CLASSES: Follow the WestConn Rec department on Instagram at WestConnREC. Don’t have an Instagram account? Get one and follow all the various clubs and organizations and offices on campus.


CHOOSE LOVE TO THRIVE: The ChooSELove To Thrive program is a 3-month series of quick, daily action steps, sent via text message (text SEL to 484848), email or social media (Facebook – @JLChooseLove; Instagram – @chooselovemovement; Twitter – @ScarlettMLewis), that can be performed by anyone to help them not just survive the emotional turbulence caused by COVID-19, but also to thrive through the application of evidence-based social and emotional learning information from Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. Additional information about each tip, along with supporting lessons and/or videos, can be found on the ChooSELove toThrive website.


Virtual Career StudioHANDSHAKE: Accept your Handshake account, use your WCSU credentials and you are in to the jobs site where employers want to hire a WCSU student! There are dozens of jobs and opportunities being posted every day. You can also sign up for job fairs, schedule time with career experts and talk with other peers across the U.S.

REAL WORLD READY PLAYBOOK: FREE until 5/15 only. WCSU has arranged for students to get FREE access to these valuable online training modules on personal finance, health care, retirement savings, employer paperwork, student loans and more.
  1. Visit and click “Enroll Now”
  2. Where it says “Add Coupon,” type in code REALWORLDREADY
  3. Create an account and enjoy free access until May 15 (there is no payment required to enroll)


MFA Title SlideM.F.A. THESIS EXHIBITION: The Department of Art will present this exhibition, featuring the work of Stephanie Dee, Brian Antonio McCarley, Amanda Paige Megill, Jen Olvera, Hannah Hurricane Sanchez and Wing Na Wong, in a virtual gallery accessible at The gallery will be available through May. [More information]

ALVIN AILEY LAUNCHES NEW STREAMING SERIES WITH “REVELATIONS”: Alvin Ailey announces the launch of a brand new online streaming series,”Ailey All Access”. The program brings together a collection of full-length works, dance classes and original short films – all from the dance company.

BROADWAY TUNES THAT WILL PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE: To keep your spirits up, members of the Broadway’s Best for Great Performances Facebook Group has shared the show tunes that always put a smile on their faces.

THE DALI MUSEUM: Located in Saint Petersburg, FL, featuring more than 2,400 works by Salvador Dali, this museum offers virtual tours of its grounds and gallery.

Dali PaintingBEST OF BROADWAY: Full-length theater shows now streaming. All-Arts and Thirteen have the cure for you if you’re at home fidgeting on your sofa. Watch five episodes of the “Best of Broadway” collection from Great Performances that are streaming now.

LINCOLN CENTER AT HOME: This is a new series of classes, concerts and performance videos. The family focused efforts are divided into two distinct series: Lincoln Center Pop-Up classroom and #ConcertsforKids.

THE MET 360: The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an award winning series of YouTube videos set to calming music, to view the incredible architecture within the museum.The project is called The Met 360. Access these videos by going to Here you’ll find all 6 videos from the series.

METROPOLITAN OPERA IN NEW YORK CITY:This renowned opera is streaming a performance every night at 7:30 p.m. The recordings then remain available for 20 hours (until 3:30 p.m. the following day). To access the Opera, go to, and The Met Opera in NYCclick on “watch now” to see the most recently published opera.

“PLAY AT HOME SITE:” Five major theaters have come together to commission ultra-short plays meant to be performed at home. They all are under 10 minutes and are available for free. Participants can download the scripts and stage commissions from home.

STEP INSIDE THE STUDIOS OF ARTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD: A sampling of films that reveal the range of artist’s studio processes and workday routines has been compiled to boost your creativity while staying safe at home.

WHAT TO STREAM: EMILIO DELGADO, A SONIC EXPLORATION OF BACHATA MUSIC AND MORE: Free programming available on ALL ARTS. This is a highlight of their staff’s favorite shows.


Angkor WatTRAVEL THE WORLD ON YOUR COUCH WITH THESE VIRTUAL VACATIONS: Institutions all around the world are pulling together to give people the resources to learn and explore from home: Museums, Historic Monuments, National Parks and Zoos.

THE BRITISH MUSEUM OF THE WORLD IN LONDON, ENGLAND:This museum has a collection of galleries you can view online. Go to, Then, click on “Collection”, then “Galleries”. Scroll down just a little and then see where it says “Virtual Galleries”. You can then choose which gallery you’d like to view.

THE LOUVRE MUSEUM IN PARIS, FRANCE:This museum offers virtual tours of some of their galleries. To access these virtual tours, visit and select which tour you’d like to view.

IMMERSIVE WORLD MUSEUMS: Visit the New Museum in New York which has been showing immersive installations and performances.

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM IN CALIFORNIA:Live-streaming penguins, otters, jellyfish and more. Watch these creatures via a FREE live streaming camera. Access this camera at Click the Tab that says “ANIMALS”, then on the bottom of the list on the right click “LIVE CAMS”. Here you can select which animal habitat Smithsonian Museum of Natural Historyyou’d like to observe and enjoy! Live cameras are available from 10 am to 10 pm PST daily. 

1200 MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL SITES TO VIIT ON A VIRTUAL TOUR: There are over a thousand museums that can now be explored online for free. Google Arts and Culture have partnered to host virtual tours of museums and other landmark sites.

SAN DIEGO ZOO: The zoo has both live and pre-recorded videos of their animals which you can watch. Go to From there you can scroll down and select which animal you’d like to watch.

SMITHSONIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: View exhibits in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, via virtual tours online. Go to From that web page, you can scroll down and click the exhibit you’d like to view.

DANBURY MUSEUM FROM HOME: Danbury Museum has added a new page to their website that will have new items for you on a weekly basis. It can range from a word search to the Tricentennial Committee’s book on the Hat City’s unusual place Names. Please forward COVID-19 thoughts, photos, poems, writings, anteing you want to keep for posterity to show what we did during this time so Danbury of the future knows what we did, how we persevered and how we came together as a community. Please email to



WLL 298: FOOD AND WORLD CULTURES IN FILM: WCSU in the FallEarn three credits that fulfill Intercultural Competency (IC) by taking an online Summer class with Professor of World Languages and Cultures Dr. Galina Bakhtiarova. The class will watch movies that explore a variety of world cultures and their relationship with food. It will be asynchronous, so participants can watch films and participate in online discussions at their own pace. Immerse yourself in world cultures without leaving your home. You may also be inspired to explore multiple cuisines as the characters in the movies do. Dr. Bakhtiarova invites you to join the intercultural culinary fun this summer. Register now. Contact at Dr. Galina Bakhtiarova

CS 198: COMPUTER ANIMATION AND SCRIPTING: The Computer Science Department is offering for the first time in Fall 2020 a new general education course on Quantitative Reasoning (QR). This course will provide students the opportunity to design and produce 2D computer animations using freely available software tools and will allow them to explore the technical/ma strategies and the aesthetic choices requisite for the creation of short computer animations. Prerequisite: MAT 100 or 100P or appropriate placement. Contact Dr. Gancho Ganchev at

HUM/WLL 298: THE MODERN GREEK EXPERIENCE: This course in Fall 2020 (W 5:30-8:00 p.m.) is an introduction to the language and culture of modern Greece. The fundamentals of reading, writing, and speaking modern Greek are taught. We start by learning the Greek alphabet and sounding out basic words and expressions. We then progress to acquiring useful vocabulary; practicing in-class dialogue exercises; and eventually constructing original Westside in Summersentences for use in conversation. Meaningful connections are made between language and identity. In addition, in every class we examine a different aspect of modern Greek culture such as Greek literature in translation, the Mediterranean Diet, contemporary Greek history, and Orthodox Christian spirituality. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have gained a richer understanding of this complex, ancient land and its place in today’s Europe. Contact Dr. Cigdem Usekes at

JLA 198: (JLA 100FY) (FORTHCOMING) Limited to JLA freshman as their FY competency – 3 credits

JLA 332: INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN LAW – 3 sections. – 3 credits



JLA 332: SEMINAR ON SEX CRIMES – 3 credits

JLA 332: CRIME MAPPING – 3 credits

*All JLA 332 offerings will ultimately be added to the JLA curriculum. Contact Dr. George Kain at

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Student Handbook PODCASTS: Do you like listening to Podcasts? The university offers five different categories:

  • WCSU 411 – Interviews with WCSU authors, Fulbright scholars and great teachers, plus Information about research and other accomplishments of students and faculty
  • The Compassionate Achiever – Dr. Chris Kukk and Tracy Day interview guests locally and from around the world to explore compassion in all its forms.
  • Literacy Ladies – Professors in Education, English and Writing present innovative lessons in literature. For teachers, parents and everyone who loves to read
  • The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) — Examination of the latest ideas in teaching, classroom skills and student success. CELT professors stay abreast of trends and solutions and make them available to you
  • Gab & GROW — Your location for learning about the people, places, and resources available at WCSU to help you be a successful student. Episodes are about as long as a bus-ride to Gab & GROWthe other campus. From “What’s happening in Athletics” to “Where is the Writing Center,” if you have a question, you’ll get an answer! [More Information]

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