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Ancell School of Business

Ancell School of Business

Request a Classroom Visit from the Ancell Commons

Are you a Faculty Member, and want more info for your class ?

During the regular school year, staff from the Ancell Commons will be happy to visit your class and present a 10-minute introduction of our services. We’ll provide details about the Commons (location, hours, policies, and staff) and invite students to ask questions about how we can meet their individual needs. We also include a brief description of how students can be innovative, find engaging experiences, and make an impact on campus while here at WCSU.

Have us come speak to your class today!

Simply email Ancell Commons coordinators Kara Swenson (swensonk@wcsu.edu) or Elise Budnick (budnicke@wcsu.edu) to set up a time and day.


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