Start Your Journey on the Career Design road


GET CURIOUS! Check out all the incredible resources at the WCSU Career Success Center (Campus Center Suite 300). Click on Get Curios to make an appointment with us!

ASSESS your interests, personality, and strengths. Take an assessment like the PATHWAYU to learn about yourself. Click on Assess to be taken to PATHWAYU.

REFLECT on your interests, personality and strengths LEARN about Life Design via career way-finding techniques. Consider taking Career Education (CED) 110, "Designing Your Life": only 1.5 credits! Click on Reflect to learn more about Life Design.

EXPLORE “Handshake” for online tools, connections, workshops, internships, and fairs. Click on Explore to be taken to Handshake.

DISCOVER how your major can be used in a variety of industries. The WCSU Career Communities can get you started. Click on Career Communities to find your major's Community page.


ACQUIRE professional skills through employment; virtual experience,gigs and certification. Click on Acquire to be directed to our Skills page where you can leverage online services like The Forage, Parker-Dewey, Coursera, Google Digital Garage, etc to gain valuable in demand skills.

EXPERIENCE career options and prototype professional and life experiences. Do a general elective internship: CED 297 and use other experiential learning tools. Click on Experience to read more about what CED 297 has to offer and where to sign up!

VOLUNTEER on campus and/or in the community: helping, teaming and expanding your network. Click on Volunteer to view the many opportunities available in WSCU's community!

JOIN clubs, societies, associations, develop leadership and team skills. Click Join to see our campus clubs and organizations!

LEARN all about the employment process. Take CED 120, "The Employment Process".  Click on Learn to read more about what CED 120 has to offer and where to sign up!


BUILD your brand: become a "positive "influencer", dress for success, use "Brand Yourself" software; create a portfolio, and use social media responsibly. Click Build to be brought too the Brand Identity workshop and use these powerful tools to build your own brand.

CREATE and customize: résumés, cover letters, emails, thank you notes, etc. Consider CED 120: The Employment Process: Strategies. Click Create to view our Resume & Cover Letter creation page with helpful guides and resources to get you started!

GROW: a network; request “career conversations” where you are the interviewer to prototype your life and meet many interesting people and leaders in their field. Click Grow to be brought too the Networking workshop and use these powerful tools to create and expand your network.

LEARN more about building your reputation and growing professional skills. Consider CED 130, "Professionalism in the workforce". Click on Learn to read more about what CED 130 has to offer and where to sign up!

Familiarize yourself with reviewing and managing your online presence to ensure that the content found by hiring managers leaves them with the best view of you and your brand.



INTEGRATE all of the many Career Success Center resources to activate many part time and full time opportunities. Click on Integrate to view a list of software that will be essential to your career journey!

APPLY for "in-person and/or remote internships, employment, and/or grad school; use job boards like “Handshake,” “LinkedIn,” “Indeed,” “Liquid Compass,” “Art Search,” “Entertainment Careers,” etc. Click on Apply to view our page of Job & Internship search engines/job boards that have been curated for you by the Career Success Team! Just click on any of the logo's and you will be brought right to the destination site!

ENGAGE your network personally and virtually to maximize job and career opportunities; conduct many Informational Interviews. Click on Engage to dive deeper into how to arrange an informational interview and what questions to ask.

PARTICIPATE in career fairs (live and virtual) and other career exploration events to meet with and learn from hiring companies, and graduate schools. Click on Participate to view upcoming CSCU Career Fairs!

CONNECT with employers using "UpperCampus" software. Download the app from the Google/Android App Store. Click Connect to be brought to the desktop version and check out its many features!