Self Management


Time is your most precious resource, but you can’t manage it! But you can manage YOU.

Develop self-management skills now to help your studies and your future

  • Time is an equal opportunity commodity! EVERYONE has 86,400 seconds in a day and 168 hours in a week. Once you use them, they cannot be recycled or reused!
  • Plan to use time to explore your curiosity, connect with people and work toward your future careers
  • You will discover many new opportunities while at WCSU-just remember to SHOW UP!

How to plan...


semester planner

Use monthly planners to mark essential academic, personal, health and career-enhancing events/dates-including opportunities that sound valuable

  • Post events from:
    • the WCSU Academic
    • Events and Exam Calendars
    • as well as important opportunities sent to you from Handshake
  • Microsoft Outlook and OneNote are great apps for personal organization and will be helpful to your career readiness. Google Calendar is another alternative

How to plan...


An agenda book, pen, and laptop on top of someone's desk.

Create your fixed schedule:

  • Add your Classes                                                                                                                 
  • Work Schedule
  • Study/Tutoring Hours
  • Club Meetings
  • Workouts
  • etc.

Ensure you account for travel times!

Create and dynamically update your flexible schedule:

  • Add interesting events from the WCSU “What’s on Western” (WOW) notification
  • Career opportunities from Handshake
  • Conversations with interesting people, and other emerging invitations

Plan to have “unscheduled” times for flexibility

Make sleep, diet and exercise a priority!


How to plan...


To do list

Review your list at the beginning of the day, prioritize each in order of importance and assign a time to complete them


Designate the levels of importance as “top” “medium” and “least”, A, B or C, etc.


Use your phone’s e-reminders to ensure you meet important obligations


Give yourself a healthy reward at the end of productive days!

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Tips for Organizing your Days


Set realistic goals

  • Use your flex time responsibly
  • Consider you “best” hours and venues to study
  • Control distractions: see greatest time wasters (below)
  • Learn to say “no”


*Home/dorm “post it” notes can be helpful

  • Be adaptable; adjust schedules if overextended

Be focused: Use “dead” hours between classes for studying

Create “to do” lists: reprioritize if necessary. Personal devices like phones have some good e-tools for this. Focus on one at a time and cross off completions.

Be the early bird: Strive to complete course assignments early to allow for revision, improvements and “all-nighters”.

Combine tasks: study while doing laundry; listen to course podcast while working out, etc.

Use SMART goal setting: make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and TIME-BOUND


Have You?

  • Set academic AND personal goals to prioritize how you spend your time?
  • Focused on the things you needed to accomplish?
  • Used a planner, to-do list, other planning tools?
  • Joined at least one campus group or organization?
  • Connected with the Career Success Center for internships, Handshake, more?

Use internet limiting devices if needed to control your online habits

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the time you “find”

Get help with your academic and career strategies with these WCSU resources & tutoring centers

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