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Specialty: Broadcast and Digital Solutions for Business, AI Marketing , Data Driven Marketing, Digital Consultation, B2B, B2C

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Specialty: Enterprise Customer Success, Market research, B2B Sales, Product Marketing

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Specialty: Audio Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Live Sound, Media Production

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Specialty: Digital Client Management, Event Planning, Fashion

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Specialty: Voice Teacher and Actor

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Specialty: Graphic Design

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Associate Director of CSC

Specialty: SPS and VPA Liaison

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Here is a sampling of related industry experts who will give you a snapshot of what they do. Featured are insights from a Sales Manager, a Marketing Manager, a TV Producer, and a Graphic Designer.


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Paragon One Externships

Immersive, flexible, and remote programs designed to kickstart your career. These externships, can run at any time of the year and are typically 6 to 8 weeks long. They provide you with real-world experience and industry skills in various areas such as product discovery, business development, market research, content creation, and more.

Externships are a great way to apply your education to real-world projects, confirm you are on the right career path, and make a great addition to your resume.

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