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Create a LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the window to your personal, professional brand...

it is what allows others to see how your professional life is going and what your current skillset looks like. It also acts as a tool to let you do many incredible things, such as;

  • Sharing your professional accomplishments
  • Marketing yourself and your skills to employers online
  • Finding relevant jobs according to your profile
  • Meeting other professionals in or out of your own field

Having a well developed and active LinkedIn profile may very well be the difference that lets you reach your professional goals and gets you your dream job.

Get started by watching the video below on how to setup and maximize your LinkedIn profile!

How to Get Started on LinkedIn

Now that your profile is set-up...

it's time to become an active member of the community! You can start connecting with friends, classmates, coworkers, or even people you haven't met yet.


Also don't forget to start liking, sharing, and even commenting on posts you see on LinkedIn. You can even create your own posts, and share things either about yourself or things you are interested in. Just remember LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, not like Instagram or Facebook, so post with that in mind and good luck.

16 Ideas for Sharing on LinkedIn

16 Ideas for Sharing on Linkedin

Follow this tutorial to make your LinkedIn profile ready for employers

Follow These Tutorials To Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile is 100% Ready

How To Add Your Location

How To Add a Summary

How to Add a Skill

How To Add a Profile

How does your LinkedIn profile stack up?

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