Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Psychology Department

Certification and Job Prospects

Graduates will be prepared for the certification of: Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC).

The LADC in Connecticut requires a Master’s degree in a Behavioral Science as well as supervised experience in the field. Additional requirements for licensure are:

  • 300 hours of supervised practical training in Alcohol and Drug Counseling.
  • Two years of supervised work experience.

The M.S. includes a supervised internship.


Graduates will be prepared to apply for jobs as counselors, supervisors, team leaders, inpatient managers, outpatient coordinators, and other careers in the substance use disorders field. Given the unfortunate and devastating surge in opioid use in New England, as well as continued high levels of problems associated with alcohol and other drugs, there is every expectation that graduates will be able to gain immediate employment as they work toward the two years of supervised work experience requirement for LADC. Connecticut has the highest concentration of jobs in this occupation in the nation – 2,600 jobs (